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Frequently asked questions

Getting Ready for Pre-school

How do I buy uniform?

Although uniform isn’t compulsory, we have t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags and hats available to buy at www.myclothing.com

What should my child wear?

As well as uniform available, your child should wear whatever they are comfortable in. The children will have access to the outdoor area in all weather conditions, so appropriate clothing should be worn. The pre-school provide waterproof trousers. Trainers are generally the best footwear to provide grip on the outdoor equipment. Shoes with velcro fastening are also great for children’s independence. Please provide wellington boots, which can be left at pre-school.

What will my child need to bring to pre-school?

Suitable coat
Water bottle
Wellington boots
Sun hat
Spare clothes

Please name all of your child’s belongings.

Will pre-school provide sun cream if it's hot?

You should make sure sun cream is applied to your child before they come to pre-school in the morning/afternoon.


We will only administer prescribed medicines, inhalers and creams. These need to be in the original packaging with the child’s prescription label on them.

Where does my child keep their belongings?

We have 2 rooms at the pre-school. Acorn room is for our 2-3 year olds, and Oaktree room is for our 3-4 year olds. Your child will have a peg to hang their bag and coat on. They will also have a named drawer for letters and your child’s art and craft creations. We do ask that children do not bring in toys from home so they don’t get lost or broken.

Does my child have a key carer?

Yes, each child will be allocated a key carer who will be the first port of call for you and your child at pre-school. Your child’s key carer will aim to form a close and positive relationship to ensure your child settles in well and feels secure at pre-school. We have an open-door approach, so please feel free to have a chat with your child’s key carer at any time. if you would like a more formal/private chat, please ask for an appointment.

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

No, it is not compulsory for your child to be toilet trained, but if they are still in nappies or pull-ups please provide them for your child’s session.

How can I help my child to prepare for pre-school?

Prepare your child by talking about pre-school, what they may be doing.

What if my child doesn't settle?

Starting pre-school can be a big change for your child, but we are committed to working with you to make sure the transition runs as smoothly as possible. If you have any concerns, your child’s key carer is always available to talk to. 


What will my child have for lunch?

Children will need to bring a packed lunch from home. No nuts, or chocolate, please. You will also need to provide some fruit for your child’s morning snack.

We provide a drink of milk for your child at snack time.

Children can access water during the day inside and outside. They can also use their own water bottles during their session. 

How do I know what is happening at pre-school?

Pre-school staff and the committee will make sure you are kept up to date with the latest news and information via e-mail, letters or through our WhatsApp group. We also have our own Facebook page.

How do I keep up to date with my child's progress?

Your child’s key carer will keep you up to date with what your child does at school via our Tapestry system. This is password protected software whereby you can log in and see photos and observations of your child. There is also the opportunity for you to add your own comments/photos to the system. Your child’s Tapestry will then be sent to you via email when your child finishes with us. Parents will be invited to create a Tapestry account when their child joins our setting.

Music with John

John Humphries comes once a week to do a music session in both Oaktree and Acorn room. He tries to come on different days, to give all the children an opportunity to join in. There is no additional cost for this.

Absent from pre-school/Sickness

If your child is absent for whatever reason, it is essential that you let the pre-school know. You can phone or email. Please let us know the reason why your child is absent.

If we feel your child is unwell, we will contact you and ask for them to be taken home. Please be aware that we require children to be clear of sickness and diarrhoea for 48 hours before returning to pre-school to prevent the spread to both children and staff.

Children cannot attend pre-school if they have been given Calpol or Nurofen before their session, due to masking a temperature.

What happens if someone else needs to collect my child from preschool?

On your registration form, there is a section for other people to have permission to collect your child. If someone new is going to collect, you will need to fill out a collection form on the day and they will need to have your child’s password. We would also like photo identification sent to us of the person collecting.

Fee’s / Enrolment / Session Times

Sessions / When we are open

We are open from 9.00am – 3.00pm
Monday – Friday term time only (38 weeks of the year)

You can do sessions during these hours.
Our most popular sessions are 9.00am-12.00pm or 12.00pm-3.00pm.

Our hourly rate is £7.50 ph

How to do I enrol my child?

Go to our Admissions page for more information

How do I pay?

Our hourly rate is £7.50 ph

We invoice termly and we do need to be paid 1-week fees in advance at all times. If you prefer you can pay weekly or monthly.

If you do not pay for your child’s sessions in advance, we do have the right to stop the paid sessions until you are up to date.

The preferred method of payment is online, so we can all keep track of what has been paid. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash payments. Please speak to the manager if this is not viable for you.


Your child is entitled to 15 hours of funding, the term after their 3rd birthday.

We also offer an additional 15 hours of funding and tax-free childcare. To find out if you are eligible please contact www.childcarechoices.gov.uk website.

We currently do not charge any additional fees for funded spaces. 



For the children attending Oakwood Community Pre-school, we take privacy with data we hold very seriously and in line with General Data Protection Legislation. The data we obtain is purely for the development and welfare of the children in our care.

Safety & Wellbeing

Our setting believes that the health & safety of the children is of paramount importance. We make our setting a safe and healthy place for children, parents/carers, staff and volunteers. We have a Health & Safety Officer, who makes sure regular checks and risk assessments of the area and equipment are carried out. The children also have regular fire drills. 

Our Committee

We are a committee run pre-school and we operate as a registered charity. All of the profit made is put back into the pre-school for the benefit of the children. The committee is made up of members of the community, staff and by law, we need to have parents on the pre-school committee as well, so new members are always warmly welcomed. It is a great way for you to be involved in how the pre-school evolves and maybe help with some vital fundraising so that we can buy new equipment etc. We have a virtual meeting every half term so if you are interested, please let us know.